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Control And Eliminate Weeds From Your Lawn With Schendel's WeedZero Program

The WeedZero Lawn Fertilization Program, developed by Schendel Lawn and Landscape for lawns in TopekaLawrence and the surrounding communities, is designed to effectively control and eliminate weeds using a comprehensive lawn maintenance approach. It is a common misconception to think that if a lawn is treated for weeds and fertilized that a desirable lawn will be achieved. While applying herbicides and fertilizer on a regular basis is important, there are many other factors that contribute or detract from the overall appearance and health of your lawn. At Schendel Lawn and Landscape we realize that there are several factors that need to be considered when developing a fruitful lawn fertilization program, including:

  • Climate Conditions
  • Disease and insect problems
  • Pets
  • Weed competition
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Mowing height
  • Impure grass seed- weed seed
  • Mature trees- shade level

A trained lawn care technician will evaluate your lawn based on specific criteria and develop a lawn care program that best suits your yard.

WeedZero Treatments

The WeedZero Lawn Fertilization Program is a six-step program with treatments between late February and November. These treatments consist of both appropriate seasonal applications and ones to meet the specific needs of your lawn. One of the keys to a successful WeedZero Program is communication. We will let you know the goals of each treatment and what you can expect. If you ever have questions, please call us. Also call if you have weed concerns between our visits. We’ll be there to inspect and if appropriate, provide treatment at no additional charge.

Why Choose Weedzero?

  • State of the art equipment and local expertise.
  • No excuses and no unnecessary treatments, just a commitment to doing what it takes to make your lawn look its best.
  • Schendel takes care of it all so you don’t have to. Spend your time relaxing in yard instead of working on it.
  • No weeds...GUARANTEED! If weeds return, Schendel returns at no charge.

Topeka Lawn Care Services With An Unmatched Guarantee

Our competitive advantage is not found in the chemicals we apply; nor do we have access to any secret ingredients or "silver bullet" formulas that haven't yet been made known to our competition. Rather, what separates us from others is our dialogue with you, the customer. Whether it's notifying you the day before an application or discussing in detail the solution to a problem area in your lawn, your experience and relationship with Schendel Lawn and Landscape will be one that is built on the foundation of communication. We have found through years of experience that when communication with the customer is lacking, crucial details are missed or fail to be explained and customer expectations are not met! Enter WeedZero, our lawn care program with a very simple, streamlined guarantee: If you see weeds after a Schendel application, we return for at no charge*. With this unmatched guarantee, Schendel Lawn and Landscape customers have the peace of mind of knowing your expectation for your lawn is the same as ours: zero weeds! Contact us today for a free lawn care analysis.

*Weeds not controlled in our WeedZero Program include:

  • Orchard grass
  • Bermuda grass
  • Zoysia grass

- Call backs must be made no earlier than 2 weeks after previous lawn herbicide application
- Call backs are only warranted when weeds seen are those of weeds controlled in previous application

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