The weather in Topeka, KS is starting to warm up. Soon enough the grass will be getting green and the flowers will be blooming. It is time to start thinking about what your landscaping plan will be this year. There is a lot to plan when you start looking at your lawn and how to care for it properly. You have to think about everything from lawn care to trees to gardens. How you want your property to look is so important to really enjoying your outdoor space. Depending on what your plans are this spring, it may even be time to call a professional landscaping crew to help you make your dreams come true. If you would like to try to get started on preparing your lawn on your own, here are a few tips to help you out.

  1. If there is still any ice built up on trees or bushes, do not shake it off. The tree or bush is fine and should be defrosted very soon.
  2. Take time to figure out where you want your gardens and how you want them to look. Planning ahead now always helps you to budget and get started as things warm up. Plot out how much mulch you are going to need and where you would like to spread it this spring.
  3. You should be able to see your lawn about now, if not, it should be out of the snow soon. This is a great time of year to spread fertilizer to ensure a lush lawn in the spring.
  4. Spreading compost on your gardens can help them to defrost into a rich nutrient bed for the spring growing season.

Landscaping should be something that you enjoy doing this spring. If you already have too much on your plate and would like to have some help, contact Schendel Lawn and Landscape today to help you plan and manage your landscape work this spring.


Originally Published: 03/20/2015