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4 Tips To Winterize Your Property

A beautiful and elaborate home sitting in the middle of a poorly kept yard with no landscaping is anything but attractive. By the same token, an average home nestled in the midst of a well-manicured lawn and creative landscaping becomes a very attractive home and is often the focus of attention throughout the neighborhood. This alone shows the importance of quality care of your lawn and continual upkeep of the landscaping throughout the year.

Additionally, there are certain duties that require extra attention at various seasons of the year. One of those more critical times is the late fall and early winter. The duties and preparation during this time of year is paramount and, left undone, could cause damage and unexpected expenses.

One of the most important things on your list this time of year is winterizing all your outdoor water faucets. A faucet that has not been winterized will freeze as soon as winter temperatures plummet. This can cause an expensive repair as well as water damage inside the home. There are insulated covers that can be purchased to fit over your outside water faucets. While these are easy to install and inexpensive, the safest course of action is to turn off the source of water leading to the outside faucet and drain the line, removing any risk of frozen pipes.

Another area that will need attention is your deck and patio area. Put away any furniture that can be stored inside the garage or basement. All remaining furniture and BBQ grills that cannot be stored inside should have protective covers securely placed over them to protect against wind, snow and ice.

While lawncare and landscaping is a year round responsibility, fall preparation is a must. Several things should be done in the fall to ensure a healthy lawn next spring. Aerating your lawn is a priority when it comes to lawn care maintenance. This is also a good time to apply a weed control program while the lawn is actively growing.

Don’t forget to prepare those ornamental trees, shrubs and dwarf fruit trees. Begin by thoroughly watering them before the ground freezes. Watering your trees and shrubs before they go dormant will help them tolerate winter conditions. You will also want to protect them from the snow and ice damage. The significant weight of snow and ice can destroy trees so easily. Watch for shrubs and trees that are within reach of snow sliding off the roof of buildings. Erect a barrier to protect against falling snow as well as a windbreak from harsh, damaging winds.

These tips will be very beneficial in preserving the overall appearance and condition of your lawn and landscaping. Your local lawn and landscaping specialists will be happy to guide you through the preparation process of protecting your lawn.


Originally Published: 11/21/2014