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Time To Tackle Fall Landscaping In Lawrence and Topeka

Fall leaves

Schendel Lawn offers some fall landscaping tips for Topeka and Lawrence residents. With the fall here and winter coming soon, it’s time to tackle your fall landscaping projects. Now is the perfect time to plan out your fall landscaping projects so you can prepare your Topeka or Lawrence lawn and landscape for the upcoming cold months. If…

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Professional Landscape Designs Available

Almost all homeowners realize the beauty and value of a well-manicured lawn with a flawlessly designed landscape. There is something about unique gardens and enticing landscapes that bring great curb appeal to the home, increasing the appreciation, value, and resale-ability of the home. However, transforming that thought and picture in your mind into the reality…

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WeedZero… Just What Your Lawn Needs

Spring is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your lawn and putting together a plan to ensure it stays healthy! Everybody wants to enjoy their lawn during the warm weather seasons, but not everybody has a green thumb or enjoys the time and effort it takes to…

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Imagine An Outdoor Pizza Oven In Your Backyard

Everybody enjoys going to a cookout. It is almost that time of year when the gas grills come rolling back out and those BBQ parties begin. There is something special and fun about sitting around an outdoor fireplace with a bunch of friends. However, that outdoor fire pit can also be unique and impressive. It…

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Prepare Your Kansas Yard for Snow Removal

To keep your yard and driveway protected during Kansas snow storms, follow these simple tips to prepare your yard prior to snow removal services. With the winter in full swing hopefully the residents of Topeka, Alma and surrounding areas are prepared for the snow. If you have not already hired a professional Kansas snow removal company to clear your property…

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Get Zero Weeds With Schendels WeedZero Lawn Program

Now that spring has sprung, all eyes turn to the great outdoors. The health and condition of your lawn swings into full focus and all those imperfections and all that damage that has occurred over the winter are in full view. Spring lawn care is way more than just spreading a bit of fertilizer and…

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Winter Weather Causing Tree Damage

The careful designing, planning, and maintenance of the landscaping of your property requires considerable effort and knowledge. Which ornamental tree will complement the yard? What is the best choice for a nice shade tree? Where should it be planted and will it have adverse effects on other trees and plants? Do I need this tree…

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Tree And Shrub Fertilization To Promote Healthy Growth

To keep trees and shrubs healthy throughout the year, we will fertilize in the fall. You spend all summer keeping your lawn, your trees and your shrubs healthy, but what can you do for them in the fall? Believe it or not, the fall is the best time for fertilizing your trees and shrubs to…

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How To Choose A Snow Removal Company

The winter has arrived and although it may take a storm or two to realize the benefits of a snow removal company, you are not going to want to be left with endless hours of shoveling this winter. With the uncertainty of just how much of that white stuff is going to fall from the…

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Winter Is Around The Corner, Are You Ready?

Winter is around the corner which means now is the time to prepare for your snow removal service! Winter is just around the corner—are you ready?? At Schendel Lawn & Landscape, our snow and ice removal teams are prepared! As much as our professionals enjoy taking care of your Topeka KS property during the summer months, we take pride in…

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