Now is the time to schedule your fall aeration and overseeding. The best weed control is a healthy, full lawn, which is why we recommend overseeding tall fescue lawns each fall. In Kansas, the best time to seed is from late August through early October.

Due to customer demand and the small window of time for seeding, we are now scheduling our fall overseeding services.

Call before August 20th to schedule your fall overseeding services and save 5%. Our overseeding services are first come, first serve, so call today!

Current WeedZero customers, please note that overseeding is not included as part of the WeedZero program, but is part of WeedZero Plus. Not sure which program you have?  Give us a call and we’ll let you know, and talk to you about upgrading if you are interested in overseeding and aeration. Current WeedZero Plus customers—we will be contacting you soon to schedule this service.

Thinking about doing it yourself? There are many different types of seeds that can be purchased at local stores, but keep in mind that most of these actually have weeds mixed in with the grass. Check the label and it will list everything used in the seed mixture. While the amount of weeds may seem miniscule, remember that weeds germinate and spread very quickly. You may start with a few, but could suddenly have a yard full.  Schendel Lawn and Landscape uses only premium, weed-free grass seed.

Give your lawn the head start it needs for 2012!  Remember to call us before August 20th to schedule your overseeding and save 5%!


Original Publish Date: 07/13/2011