There is nothing more attractive than a healthy, smooth, dark green lawn that is well manicured, free of weeds and has the looks of a soft carpet. A lawn of this caliber offers great curb appeal, gives prospective buyers an excellent first impression and makes being outside much more inviting and satisfying for the entire family.

In order to achieve that look and effect, it is important to understand that a properly cared for yard requires so much more than cutting the grass. While regular mowing of the lawn and keeping it well watered is necessary, pest control and fertilizing are equally important. Lawn fertilization is a must if you desire that dark green healthy appearance.

One benefit of lawn fertilization is that your lawn will require less amounts of weed killer. A thick, healthy lawn creates a natural resistance to weed growth. Those stubborn weeds, as tenacious as they are, have a much harder time taking root and spreading in a yard that has a healthy, thick growth of grass. Occasionally, those persistent weeds may call for specific weed killer applications but a well-fertilized yard will cause a drastic reduction of weed activities.

Lawn fertilization will also strengthen the root system of your grass, allowing it to absorb water quickly during heavy rains. This will help reduce flooding and muddy spots in the yard. Without a properly fertilized lawn, the grass will lose that healthy, lush green appearance and will begin turning brown as that summer sun heats up.

Benefits of lawn fertilization are obvious and are often enough to entice the DIY homeowner to go to the local store to shop for fertilizer. This is where the confusion begins. The choices and various types of fertilizer are monumental. One quickly discovers that equally obvious to the need of fertilization is the fact that optimal effects require professionally trained lawn care specialists. Fertilizer calls for a proper mixture of the three main elements of which fertilizer is made—nitrogen, phosphate and potash. The correct combination of these chemicals is situational, being totally based on the condition of soil in each individual yard. There is also the choice of liquid fertilizer or granular fertilizer. As you read the labels you wonder if your soil is acidic or alkaline.

Schendel Lawn and Landscape takes all the guesswork out of your lawn care. Their WeedZero program is designed to provide custom lawn fertilization specific to the needs of your lawn. They analyze nutrient deficiencies, insect and pest problems, diseases and climate conditions to help bring out the greatest benefits of lawn fertilization. Perhaps the greatest of all benefits of proper lawn fertilization is you being able to enjoy that beautiful lawn.


Originally Published: 04/18/2015