Create a place you are happy to call home with the help of Schendel’s lawn and landscape pros!

Of course, the interior care and decorating of your home is important to please guests and to enjoy the home you live in, but what does your property look like? Some homeowners spend their time fixing up the inside and then forget to bring their attention to the very first thing that visitors notice which is your lawn and landscape. So in order to make sure the beauty surrounding your home matches the beauty in your home, we encourage you to speak to one of our landscape design experts at Schendel Lawn & Landscape. The Kansas landscape experts can do whatever you desire to transform your lawn into the backyard paradise you always wanted. And don’t let the winter weather dismay you. You can begin planning your outdoor property transformation today.

The centerpiece of any landscaping is the lawn. Our specialists will come to your house and create a lawn care treatment protocol specifically to fit your lawns needs. This plan encompasses a wide range of factors from weather conditions, shade level, to specific nutrient needs for your soil, all to ensure the best looking lawn possible. We call this our WeedZeroLawn Program. This program includes an in-depth lawn analysis, but also a treatment program so that your property will be the envy of the neighborhood!

Something else that our Topeka landscape professionals offer is top notch service in the design and construction of lawn structures. We have experience building:

And not only that, but we offer landscaping installation and maintenance, irrigation, mulching, even tree pruning or removal. Let us be your complete lawncare and landscaping team for 2014. Contact us today!


Originally Published: 12/30/2013