Just as you need to keep your landscape watered through the summer, winter watering is important as well.

Of course it is not as fun on days when it’s near freezing but at least on the more mild days it is important to get outside and water your trees and shrubs if they are not seeing sufficient rainfall. Even though it may not seem like the time to add water, winter watering will ensure the health of your trees and other shrubbery through the rest of the year.

Kansas has a more mild winter season so unlike places that enter a deep frost for months at a time, our landscape requires more attention. With the average temperatures staying around 40, it is not enough to freeze the ground which means trees and shrubs are still going to require a source of water. Watering ensures that the root structure remains strong and does not become damaged.

At Schendel Lawn & Landscape our team has been taking care of properties in Topeka and surrounding Kansas communities for many years. If you are not geared up to take on winter watering then please contact us today. We provide lawn and landscape programs designed to meet the specific needs of your property. Our services include everything from seasonal maintenance to construction services. Here are a few of the services we provide:

WeedZero Program 
Seasonal weed/debris clean up
Snow removal/sand and salt applications 
Design and building services
Custom irrigation designs 
Tree care

To learn more about any of our Topeka lawn and landscape services, give us a shout today! And remember, just because it feels cold to us does not mean we can neglect the health of our trees and shrubs. Happy winter watering!


Originally Published: 01/17/2013