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A beautiful lawn next spring begins this fall.


This is one of our favorite sayings around Schendel this time of year. It really sums up how important it is to give your lawn a little extra attention in the fall. There are several things that can be done now that will help your lawn thrive once the spring growing season arrives. We know pulling weeds and raking leaves aren’t a lot of fun, but spending some extra time now will help your lawn grow green and lush next spring. And Schendel is always happy to help out if you’d rather not do it yourself!

The National Association of Landscape Professionals recommends these fall lawn care projects:


Pull weeds
Do it now and you’ll have fewer weeds next spring.

Rake debris
Rake and remove the leaves in the yard to avoid damage to the grass so you can enjoy a healthier lawn next summer. Doing so also can protect water quality. In winter, freezing and thawing can cause leaves, dead grass plants, and other organic debris to release soluble forms of phosphate (and nitrates). If these chemicals run off frozen ground during spring snow melt and early spring rains, they can end up in surface water.

Fall is the ideal time to give your lawn the TLC it needs after the heat and activity of summer and before the harsh winter months. Generally, cool-season grasses should be fertilized September through November and warm-season grasses should be fertilized a bit earlier.

Keep your grass at 3 to 3½ inches tall
Cutting grass too low means you’ll severely limit its ability to make and store food for growth in the spring, and will also encourage weed growth.

Complete a deep watering
Give trees and shrubs a deep watering after the leaves on the trees drop and just before turning the outside water off for the season.

Prune plants
Cut most perennials back close to the ground.

Water and equipment
Shut off water lines to the outside. If you have an automatic irrigation system, avoid damage by having it blown out with compressed air before the water freezes in the pipes.


Not sure the best time to fertilize, treat for weeds, or how often to water? Download a FREE monthly guide from Schendel Lawn and Landscape that shares tips to take care of your yard the way a professional does. Just click the image below to download your month-by-month guide to a beautiful yard today!