Now that spring has sprung, all eyes turn to the great outdoors. The health and condition of your lawn swings into full focus and all those imperfections and all that damage that has occurred over the winter are in full view. Spring lawn care is way more than just spreading a bit of fertilizer and raking up the deadness of winter. Sure, herbicides and fertilizers are a very important part of lawn care, but they are just that – a part of lawn care. To obtain that gorgeous, lush, green lawn that you dream about you must adopt a holistic lawn maintenance approach to your thinking.

Luckily, for those of us living here in Topeka and beyond, we have the experts at Schendel Lawn Services at our disposal. Schendel is known for our holistic approach to lawn care and is aware of the many facets and concerns that go into creating that perfect lawn. That green lushness doesn’t just ‘happen’! There are things to consider such as nutrition, disease, insect populations, climate conditions, and other vegetation competing for nutrients and sunlight. Further, you must take into consideration weeds, type of grass, mowing height, and how much traffic your lawn will receive from people or pets. Why you’d have to be an expert to know all of those things and exactly how they are going to affect those delicate blades. Exactly! Which is why having Schendel Lawn Services on your side is paramount in achieving your goal of a healthy, beautiful lawn.

Our lawn care specialists will inspect your lawn and develop a customized lawn care plan that’ll ensure your lawn receives the exact care it needs to thrive. Equally important, we will give you a written assessment and a list of expected goals and outcomes for each visit. There will be no surprises with us. You will know what to expect when to expect it, and how much it costs. No hidden costs or fees for you to worry about here. And, all of this is backed by our exclusive guarantee. If targeted weeds return between visits, so will we; and at no additional cost to you.

Take the worry, hassle, and stress out of your yard this spring with the help of the holistic approach professionals here at Schendel Lawn Services. There are many benefits to our WeedZero program including customized lawn fertilization, discounts on lawn maintenance services such as mowing or trimming, and a no weeds guarantee.

Take back your time this spring and focus on those upcoming summer barbecues knowing that your lawn will be the envy of the neighborhood with Schendel on the job.


Originally Published: 03/17/2016