Don’t let an infestation of grubs or brown patch fungus damage your beautiful lawn, contact Schendel Lawn and Landscape today!

Although hot, humid weather is perfect for a day at the pool, in Topeka and the surrounding areas of Kansas, it is anything but perfect for your beautiful, green lawn.  Brown patch is a common occurrence throughout Kansas when the temperatures start to soar and although we can’t change the weather, Schendel Lawn and Landscape can help you get rid of brown patch and other lawn diseases and insects with our professional lawn care services.

Brown patch produces unsightly, large, brown circles throughout your lawn, which is caused by several days and nights of hot, humid weather.  Often homeowners unknowingly make the problem worse by assuming their lawn is dying from lack of water or nutrient deficiencies.  They water at the wrong times and over fertilize, which actually speeds up the disease’s progression.  Homeowners wishing to water and fertilize their lawns during the summer months need to remember to:

  • Water deeply to depths of at least 6”
  • Water early in the morning so the blades of grass have enough time to dry out properly; never water in the late afternoon or early evening when the grass will remain wet for an extended period of time
  • Nitrogen fertilizers speed up brown patch, so apply several light applications of fertilizer, rather than one heavy application
  • Never fertilize just before or during a period of hot, humid weather

If your once healthy, green lawn is experiencing brown patch fungus, an infestation of grubs or other summertime insects or diseases, contact Schendel Lawn and Landscape.  We offer home and business owners in TopekaLawrence and the surrounding areas of Kansas a free lawn analysis to diagnose the problem and then we can provide an effective lawn care service, based on your lawn’s specific concerns, which will keep your lawn and landscape beautiful and healthy all year long.  To schedule your free lawn analysis, please contact us today!


Originally Publised: 07/21/2011