Learn more about how much and how often you should water your KS lawn!

Now is the time to make sure you have your summer lawn care program implemented. Along with the mowing and the lawn pest prevention, you should be taking a look at your lawn’s irrigation system to make sure it is ready for the hot summer. Even small adjustments to the timing and amount of watering can make a huge difference to the health of your lawn. And from a mild winter and early spring for most of the country, this summer could be a hot one! Extra care is necessary to maintain the best looking lawn on the block. Our lawn care experts at Schendel Lawn & Landscape would like to offer irrigation tips for those in Topeka during the hot summer months.

How many days a week should my lawn be watered?

Depending on the time of the year and the temperature you may want to adjust the timing of your irrigation system. Generally in April and May, and when the temperature is below 75 degrees, watering once a week is enough. As the temperatures rise in June, July, and August you will want to increase the frequency of watering. When the temperature is 75 to 85 degrees you may want to increase to watering your lawn two or three times each week. During the peak summer heat when the temperature stays above 85 degrees you should increase watering to four times a week. And for more extreme cases with multiple days over 90 degrees, it is possible that your lawn will need water each day.

What time of the day is best to water and for how long?

The timing of your irrigation system is very important to the health of your lawn and the efficiency of the watering. Watering between 6am and 10am is the best time of the day for a few different reasons. One, the wind is more calm in the morning hours which means that there will be less drifting of the water which will make the watering more efficient. Two, the morning watering will give your lawn the water it needs to withstand the hot days.

Sunny areas should be watered for 30 – 45 minutes while shady areas only require about 15 – 30 minutes of watering. This is enough to deeply penetrate the lawn which is the best way of watering. Light watering will not provide enough hydration.

How to conserve water?

By watering at the correct times as listed above you will help to conserve water. Another great way to conserve water is to pay attention to Mother Nature herself. If it rains you can reduce the days of watering by each rain day. This will save a lot of water for you, unless of course there is a major drought.

Following these tips for irrigation in the hot summer months to maintain a healthy, lush lawn in TopekaLawrence, and Kansas. If this is sounding overwhelming or if you have any questions, contact us at Schendel Lawn & Landscape. Our experienced lawn care professionals will be able to set you up with an ideal irrigation system and schedule based on your property specifically.


Originally Published: 06/21/2012