Just because fall is here does not mean you have to stop planting!

Although the blooming summer landscape may have wilted away, it does not mean that it is time to stare at a dull yard in Topeka, KS yet. With the fall comes vibrant colors all through nature so why not extend those vibrant colors to your landscaping? There are many different plants, trees and grasses that will really help to add color to your yard and the Topeka landscaping pros at Schendel Lawn & Landscape would like to share a few tips to add color to your property this fall.

When it comes to gardening, if you are a do-it-yourselfer you want to make sure that you are always planning ahead and finding ways that you can make your lawn and landscape colorful all year long. In the fall, there are many different options of plants, grasses and trees that will really add a pop of color to your property. Here are some ideas to create a vibrant fall landscape:

Asters are always a great choice to add vibrant colors that will last well into the fall.

Burning bushes are one of the first shrubs to change color in the fall and they become a vibrant red, which adds a great look to many landscapes.

Chrysanthemum are another great fall flower due to their ability to withstand frost and remain colorful long after most flower fade.

Ornamental cabbage is great for adding borders and has vivid colors to blend with fall foliage.

But let’s face it, if you don’t have that do-it-yourself gene, or if you simply do not have the time right now to add color to your quickly fading landscape, then allow the Topeka lawn and landscaping experts at Schendel Lawn & Landscape to take over. No longer will you have to worry about all of the maintenance that goes into maintaining a rich looking property all year long. With Schendel Lawn & Landscape’s many different design and landscape services in Topeka, you can trust that your property is in great hands.

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Originally Published: 12/30/2012