“Why try to explain miracles to your kids when you can just have them plant a garden?”  –Robert Brault

Remember as a kid planting seeds in a paper cup, setting it in the window, watering it regularly, and watching for something green to finally sprout above the soil line? Dirt, seeds, sun, and water all worked their magic to create new plants. Often those plants in the little paper cups didn’t make it more than a few weeks, but for some kids, it triggered a lifetime love of flowers, of gardening, of the happiness and joy that comes from working outside in the yard and watching their plants grow and thrive.

If you are interested in helping the children in your life develop a love for gardening and nature, seeds in a cup is an easy way to start. We’ve also pulled some other fun ideas from LoveYourLandscape.com, a website developed by the National Association of Landscape Professionals. There is a link below to click through for each project for more details and instructions.

Plant a dinosaur garden

Though dinosaurs became extinct, many of the plants on which they feasted still grow throughout the world! Today, there are many modern, thriving plants that originate from prehistoric times, and can serve as the perfect foundation to start your very own dinosaur garden, an outdoor play space where your kids can feel like they’re hiding from the great T-rex or soaring with Pterodactyls.

Container gardening for kids

Ever think about giving your child their very own garden? A container garden is a perfect way to get kids interested in gardening by giving them their own domain – without the commitment of a plot of land in your yard. Maybe you’re short on space or don’t trust your child’s budding green thumb enough to feel comfortable handing over a plot of your garden to them. Either way, container gardens are great alternatives to a traditional garden, especially when working with little landscapers.

Grow a family tree

Some people track their children’s growth by marking their height against a door or wall, awarding a new hash every time another quarter inch or so is grown. But what about a more interactive version to not only track how much your child is growing up, but how much the whole family changes and grows as well. Your very own living, breathing tree can serve that purpose. In essence, you can grow your own family tree! While this project might not document your family’s heritage, it WILL chronicle how your family changes throughout the years – and how your landscape does as well.

Lawn & landscaping coloring book

Finally, for those days it’s too rainy to play outside in the yard, check out this downloadable coloring book that teaches all about healthy lawns and landscapes: The ABCs of Healthy Lawns & Landscapes.

We hope you and the kids in your life have a wonderful time making memories in the garden!