Does your landscaping attract pests into your home? It doesn’t have to! Follow these easy tips to deter pests.

Did you know that by implementing certain landscaping techniques you can actually help prevent pest infestations in your home? We thought it was pretty cool and something worth sharing so we decided to provide homeowners in Topeka and Kansas with a simple guide to easy, DIY landscaping to help deter mice and other pests.

  • Create a barrier of crushed rock around the exterior of your home. Rock dust has proven to help prevent pest activity and it will make it much harder for pests to get inside of your home.
  • Plant flowers such as marigolds or nasturtiums that are known to deter pests. Most pests find plants and flowers a great food and nutrient source so by adding plants that they do not like to your garden, you will have added pest protection.
  • Keep the trees and shrubs trimmed back from the house. Overgrown shrubs and overhanging tree limbs may offer pests a “bridge” to your home.
  • Remove all sources of stagnant water from your property in order to deter the breeding of mosquitoes. Streams are fine as long as the water is flowing but water collecting in empty flower pots and other items on your property or old water in a bird bath should be addressed.
  • Keep your lawn well mowed to a height of about 2 to 3 inches. When you have tall grassy areas, you are likely to have pests hiding there.

By following these landscaping tips, your property will be less likely to attract insects and rodents and it will be in better shape!

If this is all sounding like a lot of work and you are in need of some lawn and landscape maintenance, you are not alone! Simply contact our Topeka lawn care pros today.

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Originally Published: 07/31/2012