Schendel Lawn and Landscape would like to remind homeowners in Topeka, Lawrence, Manhattan and the surrounding areas that as the temperatures start to fall, so do the leaves and although their colors may be beautiful, the effects fallen leaves can have on the health and beauty of your lawn can be anything but!

So aesthetics aside, why should you rake the leaves off your lawn? Well, you don’t necessarily have to rake the leaves off your lawn, you can choose to blow them off with a leaf blower or mulch them with a lawn mower; the goal is simply to get rid of leaves that have fallen onto your lawn. One reason is just like us, your lawn has to breathe. Leaving a thick, heavy layer of fallen leaves on your lawn can quickly smother it over the winter causing health problems such as snow mold, which is a lawn fungus that thrives under the cover of snow.

Another reason is that most lawns in Kansas and across the United States consist of one or more types of cool-season grasses. These grasses (bluegrass, fescue, ryegrass and more) get their name because they are most active during the cooler seasons of the year. Fallen leaves block the essential sunlight, air and water that these grasses need to stay green right up until winter.

If you prefer to avoid the “do-it-yourself” method of leaf removal, Schendel Lawn and Landscape is ready to help! We offer Kansas lawn care services and landscape maintenance programs that will help you get rid of leaf debrisand help keep your lawn and landscape healthy, beautiful and colorful throughout the year. For more information on our leaf cleanup services or any other lawn care services offered by Schendel, please contact our lawn care professionals today!


Originally Published: 11/01/2011