Before the snow flies in Topeka and across Kansas, take a minute to prepare your lawn with these helpful tips from Schendel Lawn and Landscape.

Fortunately, for homeowners in TopekaLawrence and all across Kansas, there really isn’t a lot of official lawn care that has to be done during the winter months, but preparing your lawn before snow flies is key. Schendel Lawn and Landscape, a Topeka lawn care company, would like to suggest, before the first freeze of the season, a few tips to help you prepare your lawn for winter.

  • Rake up dead leaves– This will help prevent wet spots from forming under them, which may turn moldy and damage your lawn.
  • Have your lawn aerated and fertilized-Late fall or very early winter is the best time of year to fertilize the cool season grasses often found throughout Kansas, plus it will replace the nutrients your lawn may have lost throughout the hot summer months.
  • One final mowing-Although your initial thought may be to leave your lawn a bit longer than normal for the winter months, this is not a good idea. Blades of grass that are left to long are an ideal nesting material for mice and other rodents. These pests will pull up your lawn leaving behind dead spots that won’t be discovered until next spring. The ideal length for your lawn for the winter is 1.5 to 2 inches.
  • Keep off the lawn-As much as possible, keep objects cleaned up off your lawn, such as benches, planters and outdoor furniture. Keep walkways, paths and driveways free of ice and snow to prevent people from constantly walking on your lawn and never allow anyone to park on the grass especially for extended periods of time. This will certainly kill the lawn beneath, not just damage it, and allow for pesky crabgrassdandelions, and other weeds to quickly move in next spring.

Once you have taken an afternoon to prepare your lawn for winter, you can enjoy the cold winter days, cozy by the fireplace, assured that your lawn will be healthy next spring. Or for help preparing your lawn for winter, you can contact the Topeka lawn care experts at Schendel. Schendel offers expert lawn care and landscape maintenance services that are sure to keep your Topeka lawn healthy all year long and snow removal services available in TopekaAlma and the surrounding areas of Kansas, that are sure to help you get through the winter.


Originally Published: December 23, 2011