Don’t let the sun bake your yard this summer; follow these easy tips from Schendel Lawn And Landscape!

The heat wave that has affected much of the country in recent days has also produced record breaking temperatures here in Kansas.  While today and this week’s Topeka forecast seems to indicate a break in high temps, it got us thinking about what the hot days of summer can do to lawns in our region.

It probably comes as no surprise that heat waves can have a negative effect on your landscape. The hot sun can cause plants and grass to burn, wilt, and suffer if they are not properly cared for. Lawn care in the extreme heat is going to be slightly different from your usual routine. Just as we require extra care in the heat, so does your Topeka lawn. The KS lawn care experts at Schendel Lawn & Landscape would like share some lawn care tips on irrigation and mowing for the hottest of summer days.


Depending on the temperature outside, your lawn may require daily watering but up to 2 times a week may be all it needs.  Hot days that stay above 85 degrees generally mean you should water your lawn three or four times a week.  Your lawn may require more frequent watering when temperatures stay above 90 degrees for many days. You will have to keep an eye on your lawn to determine its health during the extreme heat. Signs of dry grass that needs water include:

  • Wilting or curled up grass
  • Grass that does not bounce back after being walked on

Another tip is to water your grass, or have your irrigation system set to water in the early morning hours. This will allow more time for the grass to soak in the water before the sun beams down and evaporates the water. But use caution when watering as too much water will lead to fungus and other lawn problems. If it rains, make sure to count that as a day of watering. Less frequent watering (but without the signs of drying out the grass) is the best way to promote deep growth of grass roots for a lush, green lawn. In extreme heat, irrigation becomes a balancing act.


In terms of mowing, the best way to maintain a healthy lawn is to mow frequently and at a high lawn mower setting so that the grass remains 2-3 inches in height. This method of mowing allows for more water absorption, deeper grass roots, and less chance of weeds spreading. So even though it will be more work, it will be worth it. Just don’t forget to stay hydrated, especially if you are pushing the mower around in intense heat.

Schendel Lawn & Landscape offers lawn care service in Topeka and surrounding areas that will help you keep your lawn in tip-top shape even when temps skyrocket. If you are concerned about keeping your lawn healthy through the heat or if you simply don’t have the time and energy to deal with your lawn, then contact the Topeka lawn care experts to take over.


Originally Published: 07/10/2012