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Make The Most Of Your Lawn & Landscape In 2015

Landscaping the exterior of your home can sometimes become the last thing to do on your home remodel design list. We tend to focus on the interior of our homes and what will make it easier for living. The exterior of your home can become something you walk past quickly with little to no thought of it. Once you start the trend of letting your landscaping go, it’s hard to take the time and fix it. Plants become overgrown, the shape and structure gets lost and your landscaping becomes a monster that you just can’t seem to tame. The good news is there is a professional team of landscapers at Schendel Lawn & Landscape ready to help you get your landscaping back under control and appealing to you and your family.

Lawn Care: The first and most important part of your landscaping is your lawn. Having a nice full green lawn will set the feel of your entire landscaping. At Schendel Lawn & Landscape, our team of highly trained professionals will help you get your lawn looking lush and inviting. We will create a lawn care regimen specific to your lawn and budget. Your lawn has many different factors to think about. There is weather, shade, soil and pest care. All these factors make your lawn unique. Our team will do an analysis of your lawn and set up a plan for your unique lawn.

At Schendel Lawn & Landscape, we can also help you with landscaping installation, irrigation, mulching tree pruning, patios, retaining walls, pergolas, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and pools. All of these extra elements can really make your lawn unique and appealing. Taking the time to make your landscaping a functional area to entertain and enjoy time with friends and family can add value to your home. Having outdoor entertainment will be inviting and will give you the chance to create new memories!

Schendel Lawn & Landscape has over 64 years of experience in landscaping and lawn restoration. We guarantee that we will make your landscaping easier and your property more valuable. There is no landscaping job too big or small for our landscaping team. We are here to help you get your lawn up to date and looking great. Whatever your specific landscaping needs are, we will help you enhance them and fall in love with your property.


Originally Published: 12/23/2014