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Is A Paver Patio Right For Me?

Ask our Topeka design and build team about installing a paver patio.

Right about now is a great time to start dreaming up all of your home improvement projects for the spring and summer seasons. At Schendel Lawn & Landscape, we get very excited for this time of the year as well! Did you know that in addition to our Topeka lawn care and landscaping services we also offer design and building services? One thing that we think is a great match for many homeowners in Topeka are paver patios. If you are looking for an update to your property that will get the most use, a paver patio may be just the thing! Why do we love paver patios so much? Here are a few of the reasons…

  • Paver patios end up saving you money down the line because they do not require stains and seals every year like most decks do. Pavers are very durable and will not wear with time like wood can.
  • You will have an entire outdoor living space which adds to the value of your home and property. Not to mention the ability to host outdoor gatherings without your feet in the grass! Paver patios are an elegant addition to your outdoor living space.
  • If you have a small backyard and don’t know what to do with it, a paver patio can be the most functional use of that small space. How often do you sit in the grass versus sit in a comfy chair on a patio surface?
  • Add a fire pit to really create a backyard oasis. Staycation takes a whole new meaning when you have the luxury of fine dining and evenings by the fire right in your own backyard.
  • Paver patios do not require maintenance like gardens and grass do so if you want a low maintenance property, a paver patio will certainly help.
  • You can create a completely customized look to your paver patio by choosing the pavers that call to you and best suit your space.

If you are liking the sound of how a paver patio could be incorporated and used on your property, make sure to give us a call at Schendel Lawn & Landscape. We would be happy to discuss the design and building process to make your visions of a patio a reality. Our service area includes Topeka and surrounding Kansas communities including Silver Lake and Lawrence. We look forward to helping you this spring with all of your lawn, landscaping and other home improvement projects.


Originally Published: 04/11/2013