Cold weather will be here soon, and if you have an irrigation system, it’s important to protect it from freezing temperatures. Properly winterizing your system this fall prevents damage caused by cold temperatures over the winter, which can save on repair costs next spring.

Schendel begins turning off irrigation systems and preparing them for winter in October. We first try to turn off the systems that have a backflow preventer above ground, so that we can avoid it being damaged by freezing temperatures. (A backflow preventer is a one-way valve that prevents groundwater that may be unsafe for drinking from entering a clean water supply.) If your backflow preventer is buried, it will remain protected longer since ground temperatures will stay warmer longer than the air temperature.

If you are looking for a company to winterize your irrigation system, Schendel would be happy to help! Just reach out to us by phone or by completing the form on the website.


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