Get rid of crabgrass, dandelions and other nuisance weeds with WeedZero.

Spring is finally here!  While we gladly welcome the warmer weather and beautiful blooms some of us are likely to let thoughts of crabgrass dim our enthusiasm a bit.   Last year we had an incredibly hot summer in Topeka and pesky crabgrass really took over.  An annual grass, crabgrass is a common lawn problem that will rear its nuisance head once the soil temperature heats up.  If you are one of the many property owners in Topeka who loathe crabgrass Schendel Lawn And Landscape, a Topeka lawn care company, is ready to help.  Now is the perfect time to treat your turf areas and gain the advantage on this and other stubborn weeds.

Our WeedZero lawn care program is the ideal solution for crabgrass, dandelions and other weeds and focuses on controlling and eliminating weeds using a holistic lawn maintenance approach.  In short we don’t just rely on herbicides and fertilizers but consider all the factors that contribute to the success or failure of a healthy lawn.  WeedZero includes:

  • free lawn care analysis
  • 6 treatments between late February and early November
  • An unmatched guarantee
  • Special discounts on other services, including lawn maintenance (mowing, weeding, and trimming) and landscaping services (design, installation and maintenance)

When you contact Schendel Lawn And Landscape, a trained lawn care technician will evaluate your lawn and based on the results customize a lawn care program that suits your specific situation and that delivers optimal results.

Don’t let crabgrass and other nuisance weeds distract you from pursuing the summertime activities you enjoy.   Contact us today and enjoy a yard with no weeds…  GUARANTEED.  Proudly serving Topeka Kansas and surrounding areas.


Originally Published: 03/31/2011