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Are You Seeing Dandelions Already?

Keep your grass mowed frequently to keep dandelions from invading your lawn.

It’s almost that time of year again: dandelion season! Well, not really, but spring is upon us here in Kansas and it won’t be long before the bright yellow weeds have poked their golden heads out of the grass to torment us once again if they haven’t already.  Have you started seeing these ‘lawn pests’ in your grass yet? If so, here are a few dandelion control measures from the Topeka lawn care pros that you can implement on your own to try to keep them from overtaking your yard!

  1. Mow, mow and mow some more! Keeping your lawn mowed on a regular basis will help to eliminate these weeds, but keep your grass at a slightly higher level than you usually do.  The mower will eliminate the heads of any dandelions that are present, but the shade of the taller grass will inhibit the growth of more dandelion weeds.
  2. If you’re planning on weeding your lawn manually, water the lawn first. The water makes it easier to pull the weeds out of moist soil. Then you need to make sure to pull the entire weed out, root and all- if you don’t get it all, dandelions will return.
  3. In order to keep the flowers from going to seed, pluck the heads off the dandelions. This will not eliminate your dandelion problem, but should prevent more dandelions from spread across your yard.
  4. You can use vinegar to kill the weeds; the kind used in cooking may have too low of a percentage of acetic acid, but if you boil the vinegar down, it should be useful for destroying the dandelion weed.

If you can stand the sight of them on your lawn, you may find these weeds to be useful! The flowers of the weed have been used to make wine and dandelion greens are actually quite healthy, full of vitamins A and C and iron. But if the sight of these obtrusive weeds has you pulling your hair out, contact the professionals at Schendel Lawn & Landscape in Topeka and throughout Kansas.  Our WeedZero lawn care program guarantees that your weed troubles will be gone and you will have a beautiful landscape this summer, without the annoyance of the little yellow dandelion!


Originally Published: 03/23/2013