If this doesn’t look like fun and you would rather stay indoors, cozy by the fire, contact the Topeka snow removal experts at Schendel Lawn and Landscape today.

In TopekaAlma and the surrounding areas of Kansas, a fresh, white blanket of snow maybe a welcome sight on Christmas morning or if you are a kid hoping for a snow day, but if you are a homeowner, freshly fallen snow, means a morning of back-breaking work. To help make this chore a little easier, Schendel Lawn and Landscape, a professional Topeka lawn care company, would like of offer a few tips for effective snow and ice removal.

Before it storms, apply a chemical de-icer; liquid magnesium chloride is great a preventing ice from bonding to pavement and concrete and can actually melt snow less than 2 inches deep, rock salt is a cheaper alternative, but make sure to read all package warnings before applying as it can cause damage to your lawn, trees and shrubs if not properly applied

Shovel, Shovel, Shovel; if your schedule allows, shovel several times, even while it still may be snowing. By frequently shoveling, the snow does not have a chance to melt and bond with surfaces and it is much easier to shovel 2 inches of snow than it is to shovel 6 inches of snow, also remember to choose an ergonomic shovel to protect your back from injury

Consider purchasing a snow blower; if your health or other reasons prevent you from shoveling, consider purchasing a small snow blower to clear walks and paths

Use sand or kitty litter; this won’t melt ice and snow, but if applied to walkways, driveways and pathways it will provide traction to these areas where snow and ice may build up

If you prefer to stay indoors, cozy by the fire, during times of snow and inclement weather, Schendel Lawn and Landscape can help! For homeowners in TopekaLawrence and the surrounding communities of Kansas, along with expert lawn care and landscape maintenance services, Schendel offers Topeka snow plowing and removal services as well. For more information on our Kansas snow plowing and sand and salt applications, please contact the snow removal professionals at Schendel today.


Originally Published: 12/27/2011