If you’re getting the itch for spring, now is a great time to prepare your landscape beds for the warmer months. Cleaning up your landscape beds can help enhance your curb appeal, and make yard work easier come April. Below are some ideas on cleaning up your landscape beds and what we recommend. 

If you’re not a do-it-yourselfer, Schendel is happy to help and get you on the books for a spring clean up. But if you are, below are some ideas on cleaning up your landscape beds and what we recommend. 

First, start with a clean slate by clearing out leaves and debris from landscape beds. Believe it or not, if you look closely, some winter weeds may have popped up. Now is a great time to clean them out before putting down fresh mulch.

Often times erosion and/or pets can expose the roots of plants. If you see any roots exposed at the base of your plants, cover them up with dirt and a fresh layer of mulch. Applying a layer of fresh mulch throughout your entire landscape bed can help bring your landscape back to life. 

This is a great time to get a head start on plant pruning. Here are some plants that can be cut back now, even before spring weather arrives:

  • Ornamental grasses: Get rid of any dead plant material by cutting close to the base of the plant, only leaving a few inches of plant material above ground. 
  • Perennials: If you didn’t cut back any perennials before winter, now is a great time to do so. Check out our recommendations on perennial cut backs.
  • Did you know cutting back summer flowering shrubs like hydrangeas and spirea can produce much larger blooms? This method is recommended especially after harsh winters. Some people prefer smaller blooms with sturdier stems, so this is up to you. Hydrangeas and spirea should be cut back to no less than 6 inches out of the ground to avoid injuring the plant.

We do recommend waiting to cut back spring flowering shrubs until the weather warms up and the flowers have a chance to bloom (late spring). Here is a brief list of perennial shrubs we recommend waiting to cut back till late spring: roses, peonies, azalea, lilac, viburnum, rhododendron and bridal wreath. Besides roses, don’t cut these plants back until they bloom. Roses can be cut back prior to bloom, but wait until early to mid-April to avoid any potential freeze damage.  

Need help cleaning up your landscape beds for spring? Leave it to the experts at Schendel. We’re happy to help – give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a spring clean up. 

Want some landscape inspiration? Checkout out 18 of our recent landscape projects and get inspired for spring. Download the document below by clicking the image below.

Download 18 inspirational landscape ideas

Download 18 inspirational landscape ideas