To warm those cool fall nights, consider a new outdoor fireplace.

Contrary to a popular belief, fall is actually one of the best times of year to complete outdoor lawn and landscape projects.  Schendel Lawn and Landscape, a professional Kansas lawn care company, would like to offer homeowners in Topeka, Alma and the surrounding areas, some ideas as you start planning your fall lawn and landscape projects.

Fall Lawn Care

Fall is an excellent time of year to begin any lawn care program.  No other season throughout the year can do what the fall can for the health and beauty of your lawn.  The conditions to grow new grass and strengthen the current root system are perfect; warm, sunny days, cool nights and gentle rains.  Make sure your fall lawn care plan includes:

  • Fertilizing
  • Aeration
  • Seeding

Keep Your Yard Colorful

Even though you may still be working diligently to keep your annual flower beds colorful and weed-free, now is a good time to plant some fall-blooming perennials that will extend the color of your landscape through the cooler months.  Some plants to consider may be:

  • Aster– A delicate daisy-like flower that grows in shades of pink, purple, blue and white and will bloom from late August until frost
  • Chrysanthemums– Also known as “hardy mums”, these flowers bloom in a wide variety of shapes and colors, they are drought resistant and generally free of insects and disease
  • Caryopteris– Also known as Blue Mist Shrub are often grown in a perennial garden.  They blossom in late August into beautiful, blue flower clusters

Fall Outdoor Entertaining

You’ve enjoyed your outdoor living space all summer long, but now the days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, maybe you should move the party indoors, right?  Before you store the patio furniture just yet, consider adding:

  • stone fireplace to warm those cool nights
  • Exterior lighting to brighten the night sky
  • An outdoor grilling area for the best tasting food

If do-it-yourself projects are not your cup of tea, let Schendel Lawn and Landscape assist you with all of your fall projects.  We specialize in creating fun, functional outdoor living spaces with our design and build services; beautiful colorful gardens with our landscape maintenance program and helping you achieve and maintain a lush, green lawn through our WeedZero lawn care program.  If you live in Topeka or the surrounding areas of Kansas, please contact us today for more information.


Originally Published: 08/05/2011