This time of the year, there are many factors to having a beautiful yard. We wanted to take some time and share some thoughts on what might be keeping  your yard from looking its best this summer. Today we wanted to talk with you about grubs and bagworms. 


Seeing discolored patches in your lawn? It easily could be grubs. This time of the year they are very active and can feed on the roots of your grass and kill your lawn. Another sign grubs could be in your lawn is increased bird activity. 

If you want to find out for certain if you have grubs, fill a bucket with soapy water and pour it in an area of your lawn. If grubs are present they will come to the surface within about 10 minutes. Schendel offers grub treatments to prevent and control grubs. This application can be applied at this time to help keep your lawn healthy. 


Bagworms often feed on what many people call evergreen-type trees and shrubs, and if they aren’t properly managed they can kill a tree or shrub. If you’re interested in protecting  your trees and shrubs from  bagworms this year, Schendel would be  happy to help. 

If you’re interested in either grub treatments or bagworm treatments, fill out a contact us form on out website or email us at  and we’ll have a member of our team respond as soon as possible. We hope this blog has helped you consider a couple other factors that can impact the health and look of your yard this summer. As always, reach out to us if we can help with any of your yard needs.