picture of crabgrass


picture of nutsedge


It is not unusual to see summer weeds such as nutsedge and crabgrass crop up in Kansas lawns this time of year. These weeds thrive in the summer heat, especially if we’ve also had some rain. While the growth of grass slows down when it is hot, that is not the case with nutsedge and crabgrass. The weeds become very noticeable because they are growing much faster than the grass.

We can and do treat for these weeds now, but it may take several treatments to control the weeds. The later in the year we begin treatment, the harder the weeds are to eliminate. Because of how common these weeds are in our area, Schendel’s WeedZero Lawn Fertilization Program treats for them several times a year. The spring treatments are designed to prevent the emergence of crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. Unfortunately, there is no pre-emergent for nutsedge, so we must treat once it is already above ground.

While the spring crabgrass pre-emergent treatments are effective, we sometimes still see it, as well as nutsedge, growing in treated lawns. This is partly because crabgrass and nutsedge are transferable from lawn to lawn. If a lawn in your neighborhood has these weeds, the seeds can blow into your yard and take root, despite our treatments. Because of this, we continue to inspect and treat for these weeds in summer and early fall.

If you are considering having your weeds treated by a professional, now is a great time to start the WeedZero Program. We’ll work throughout the fall on eliminating the weeds you have, then also be ready to stop them from returning in the spring with our preventative treatments. Get ahead of the weeds and begin treating now to have a healthy, green lawn next spring and summer.

Schendel also recommends overseeding in the fall. A full, healthy lawn is the best defense against weeds, because the fuller the lawn, the fewer places there are for weeds to grow. It is harder for the seeds that blow over from your neighbor’s yard to take root if there is already healthy grass growing.

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