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Time To Schedule Fall Lawn Care Services

Overseeding and aeration are two great ways to take care of your lawn this fall

While the weather may still be warm and sunny, before we know it the fall season will be arriving in Topeka and Kansas. And when it comes to your lawn, the fall requires some extra care and attention including overseeding and aeration. The Topeka lawn care pros at Schendel Lawn & Landscape want to remind you to sign up now for your fall lawn care. September and October are the ideal times for fall lawn maintenance which means our schedule is filling up fast!

Why should you have your lawn aerated and seeded in the fall?

The fall is the perfect time to replenish nutrients and oxygen to your grass after a long, hot summer. Aeration is a method of making holes in the lawn to allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to get to the deep roots. And overseeding in the fall allows the lawn to stay lush for the next year. Not all types of grass spread on their own which means that in order to keep the lawn looking lush, you will need to add grass seed and make up for grass the dies in the heat of the summer.

There are ways to do-it-yourself when it comes to aeration and overseeding however, it will require a lot of time, energy, and equipment. So if you are one of the many families who will be busy with back to school, sporting events, and just life in general, then make sure to call us at Schendel Lawn & Landscape to schedule your fall lawn care services.


Originally Published: 08/16/2012