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Time For Weed Control

Every year, whether you like it or not, the weeds start sprouting up in your lawn. It starts with a small patch here and there, but when left unchecked, they begin to completely take over. For some homeowners, it feels like a losing battle. But it doesn’t have to be.

When you hire a company like Schendel Lawn & Landscape, you can leave all the complicated details to the professionals.

  • We’ll make sure your lawn has the right product applied in the right season to address your specific weed issues.
  • We will examine the weed competition that is occurring in your lawn and manage turfgrass in a way that discourages weed growth. Often times a weed problem can stem from an improper management of turfgrass and lead to a problem that can last for years. With professional lawn management, this can be avoided.
  • Weed killing products can be harmful to children and pets. Our lawn care professionals have procedures that keep your entire family safe from the harmful effects of necessary lawn treatments.

Having a beautiful lawn is more than controlling weeds.

  • Different seasons pose different challenges. In times of drought, a hydration solution is needed. In times of over-saturation, an irrigation solution is needed.
  • Professionals know how to treat for disease and pests.
  • Proper fertilization is the key to helping targeted grass grow, while deterring unwanted turf from growing.
  • An expert will know what shade is required for your lawn to thrive and is able to give you insight on where tree growth could help your lawn.

If you choose Schendel Lawn & Landscape you get the expert care of a professional and the professionalism and experience of a seasoned company. You’ll get our WeedZero promise that guarantees no weeds on your lawn, or we’ll come back and treat them for free. And, you’ll be partnering with a company that works closely with its customers to address their specific needs.

Having a healthy, beautiful lawn is a lot of work. Leave that work to the professionals. You already have a job. When you’re home, you should be enjoying your lawn, not laboring over it. Call Schendel and ask about our free lawn care analysis. You have nothing to lose except weeds!


Originally Published: 05/04/2015