Fall is here and landscaping might be the last item on your to-do-list during this season. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to maintain your landscaping this fall could seem impossible. It sometimes even seems unnecessary with the cold winter months coming up. Preparing your lawn and garden for the colder months is essential to keep it healthy and prosperous all year. Winter can be very damaging to your landscaping design. The heavy weight of snow and cold weather is not always good for all plants and design components.

Here are a few tips to keeping your landscaping healthy this fall:

  • Fertilize and Seed: Fall is a great time to fertilize and seed your lawn to give it that extra boost it needs to get through the cold winter and come out green on the other side during spring.
  • Trim and Prune: Trimming and pruning your lawn this fall will help it to maintain its look throughout winter and into spring. This will help you keep your landscaping the way you like it.
  • Mulching: This is a great way to add style and contrast to your landscaping while helping it to stay healthy and weed free.
  • Leaf Clean Up: This can help you keep your lawn and yard looking crisp and fresh throughout the fall season.
  • Removal: It is time to remove all unneeded and seasonal items. Certain landscaping accents are better kept in storage during the colder months. Also, things like irrigation systems need to have maintenance done and taken care of for the winter.

These few tips can help you keep your landscaping looking fresh for fall and ready for winter. If this seems like a lot to manage this fall, call a professional landscaping team to help you with your landscaping to-do-list. From start to finish they will help you prepare your land for fall and keep it safe throughout winter.

Having healthy, happy landscaping can really change the way you think about your home and property. Take time to enjoy and indulge your own landscaping this fall. It will make all of the difference when things begin to bloom again in the spring.


Originally Published: 11/07/2014