To keep trees and shrubs healthy throughout the year, we will fertilize in the fall.

You spend all summer keeping your lawn, your trees and your shrubs healthy, but what can you do for them in the fall? Believe it or not, the fall is the best time for fertilizing your trees and shrubs to promote healthy growth.  It can be difficult to know exactly how much fertilizer to use for certain trees and plants as well as when to use fertilizers. That’s why the pros at Schendel Lawn And Landscape offer lawn maintenance services  to take care of all those details for you! Our professionals have experience and a great deal of knowledge regarding trees and shrubs and can take the mystery out of the ‘green thumb’.

To promote healthy growth of trees and shrubs, the professionals at Schendel Lawn And Landscape will fertilize these plants in the fall. We do this because:

  • Root growth of woody ornamentals (like your shrubs) is most active in the fall. Root growth actually slows down during hot summer weather, so to get the most benefit from fertilization, we fertilize in the fall.
  • Fertilizers that are applied in the fall are more effective in promoting plant growth than spring applications.

At Schendel, we realize that fertilizer isn’t plant food; it simply improves the soil around a plant to allow it to get all the nutrients it requires for creating its own food. Excessive fertilization is unnecessary for healthy plants as well as our environment, causing too many nutrients to leak into our streams and rivers, which results in polluted waterways.  We strive for moderate plant growth to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and strong, allowing them to thrive throughout every season.

If you have been considering hiring a competent Kansas landscape company to take care of the many concerns of your yard, now would be a good time to call the professionals at Schendel Lawn And Landscape. We offer a full range of tree care services as well as lawn and landscape maintenance services.  Just a few of the services we can offer you include leaf cleanupweed and debris removallawn mowingannual color plantingstree and shrub pruningmulchingirrigation repair and seasonal maintenance as well as supplemental watering. We work to maintain your lawn as well as continually find ways to improve it. Through the careful consideration of your specific needs and communication with our clients, we have helped many happy customers achieve beautiful landscapes. When you hire Schendel, the grass is no longer greener on the other side of the fence; we can make your Topeka landscape lush and beautiful and healthier than it has ever been! Contact us today for more information on any of the lawn care and landscaping services we can offer your Kansas property.


Originally Published: 08/21/2013