Now is the time to sign up for the WeedZero lawn care program for a lush lawn all year round.

At Schendel Lawn & Landscape our team of Topeka lawn care pros have designed a holistic lawn maintenance program that is intended to control and eliminate weeds that are trying to take over your lawn. With the spring season finally here, you are probably wondering how to keep your lawn healthy and lush as the weather continues to get warmer in TopekaLawrence and Silver LakeKS. While herbicides and fertilizer can certainly help to maintain a healthy lawn, there are many other factors that we believe contribute to the overall health of your Topeka lawn.

The WeedZero lawn program begins with an in depth lawn analysis to see what the current state of the lawn is and what areas need special attention. When creating a customized lawn care program, our Topeka lawn care pros will take into consideration the following:

Climate and weather conditions

Lawn pests

Lawn disease and fungus

Pets you have

Weed competition

Nutrient deficiencies

Mowing habits

Trees in the area

With all of these factors taken into account, the WeedZero lawn care program can transform your lawn from dull to lush and healthy this spring! The best part is that you can have a vibrant lawn and without the stress. We understand that lawn care takes a lot of time and effort, which is why our KS lawn care specialists are here to help! To learn more, contact Schendel Lawn & Landscape today!


Originally Published: 04/18/2013