The careful designing, planning, and maintenance of the landscaping of your property requires considerable effort and knowledge. Which ornamental tree will complement the yard? What is the best choice for a nice shade tree? Where should it be planted and will it have adverse effects on other trees and plants? Do I need this tree in my yard? Is my large shade tree too big to prune or shape, and at what point should I consider removing it?

These are all legitimate questions for which your lawn specialists at Schendel Lawn & Landscape have the answers. Our technicians are well trained and very knowledgeable regarding the proper care of your property. They know just what is needed to keep a healthy lawn and attractive landscape. What they do not know is just when Old Man Winter is going to play tricks on us. Extreme weather conditions can, and do, wreak havoc with the landscape of our property from time to time.

There are several weather conditions that cause damage to trees. It could be those strong Kansas winds that damage tree limbs. Perhaps it is the wet, heavy snow that causes the trees to bow beneath the weight until limbs begin snapping. Ice storms are very hard on plants and trees, causing damage. Undoubtedly, the winter weather often takes its toll on those beautiful and majestic trees.

Broken limbs that come crashing down must be cut up and removed. This alone can be a monumental task, depending on the size of limbs. There is even the occasion that the value and health of the tree is compromised and may need to be removed. Not knowing what to do, you contact Schendel Lawn & Landscape to evaluate the tree and advise. Another, more dangerous problem that often poses a potential danger is the limb that breaks but doesn’t come crashing down.

Perhaps it snaps under the weight of snow and strong winds but doesn’t fall to the ground. You come out after the storm passes and see a broken limb hanging in the tree. It is too high up to reach and too heavy to handle. Now the question is how long will it hang there? At what unexpected moment will it decide to fall? As you continue to examine your trees, you see limbs that have cracked but didn’t break enough to fall everywhere. Will the limb die? Will it compromise the strength and health of the tree? Should it be removed?

These and many other questions are why the residents of Topeka are fortunate to be able to contact Schendel Lawn & Landscape for all their landscape needs. The many years of beautifying lawns and protecting the health of property allows Schendel to guarantee the highest quality and service in the field of lawn and landscape care. Don’t leave those potentially dangerous limbs hanging. Partner with Schendel for all your landscape maintenance and lawn care.


Originally Published: 02/18/2016